Best Android Tricks You Didn’t Know About

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From here, select the Bitmoji icon at the bottom of Gboard’s interface — it’ll be the fourth tab for most users. You’ll see an icon that looks like a pin in the lower right corner. Like Cloudflare, it promises boosts in speed and security over your existing DNS server, and you would hope with Google’s know-how it’s going to be more robust than most. Speed, privacy, security, reliability, customization—you don’t really have much control at all over these on public wifi, but different DNS servers can help take it back. WPA3’s authentication system is also much stronger than WPA2 and it will protect your network even when you decide to use a weak Wi-Fi password. In terms of privacy, switching DNS servers doesn’t really stop your ISP from seeing the sites you visit, though it may limit how much of a profile they can build up on you for advertisers, depending on their business practices.

Although some of the security enhancements may make it in WPA2 devices (especially the ones that address the KRACK flaw), the full WPA3 standard will be only available in new equipment. You can change which DNS server your devices use though, and perhaps get yourself a faster, more secure internet connection along the way. We have therefore ensured that it is what our soon-getting married guests get after planning one at our beach club. Then there’s customization: You can unblock sites blocked by your ISP (or indeed your government), or block sites yourself at the domain name level (one of the OpenDNS packages shuts off access to adult sites, for example). Choose your wifi connection, select Advanced, and then switch to the DNS tab. Use the Plus buttons under DNS Servers to add both the primary and secondary servers from the options we’ve listed above, and you can then close down the dialogs. The IP addresses you need to remember are and (primary and secondary), which you’re unlikely to forget, and you can get started by visiting either of those addresses. Or, get a device with Android 9 Pie on it. It’s a widespread exploit that affects every WPA2 encrypted device in the world.